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You'll come to the remains of an old traveling circus where hobo clowns sometimes camp.

You'll encounter ravenous cannibal zombies, banshees, creepy dolls, and an old vengeful woodcutter's ghost who died by his own axe. 

If you and your friends survive, take time to relax at one of our fire pits, have some hot chocolate and cook some smores.

DODGE CITY PAINTBALL is located near Piedmont, OK, on 30 of the most haunted acres in the country.



was created, for entertainment purposes, in 2020 out of its unique terrain of old Indian hunting grounds, coyote killing fields, deep swampy woods, and snake-infested creek.


THE HAUNTED TRAIL takes about 20-25 minutes to walk, taking you through battlefields, a New Orleans-style, above-ground cemetery, a vampires castle, and a winding spider's lair. But, that's only the beginning.


You'll descend into the deep woods where all kinds of foul creatures forage for their next prey.

Ready for your walk through the woods?
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